In addition to what you’ll find below, there’s my new Podcast, The Brave Hearted. I am so excited to be of service to you in this new way. My hope is that hearing my voice, my and others stories shifts something deep inside of you.

E41D10FA-FE82-4F07-ACE7-9E27A0D2EB43Heart to Heart Session

Heart to Heart Session

A 30 minute session designed to get right to the matter that is heaviest on your Heart. These sessions are available for extended period of time in 10 minute increments.

rate: $90, additional time $30/10 minutes. 


Heart and Soul Session

We get more time together. Not only will we connect from a heart space, but we will go deeper to a soul level. This 60 minute session may involve card readings and crystal work.

rate: $175


The Brave Heart Session

This is how it all started, with Full Spectrum Healing. During this session you will receive everything that you would with the others, in addition to session where I tap into my roots and offer an energy healing. This work is profoundly effective long distance. We go deep, so please come ready to dive in.

session length is 90 minutes

rate: $250



Let’s build something together.