We’re Back

We’re Back


…back at Albany Med. Boo, hiss, and all that stuff. After a pretty rough night at home he’s been admitted – looks like he’s got some chest fluid accumulation that requires a chest tube. They’ll be able to drain it, and look at it a bit to see if anything else is up. This is almost like some more fine tuning he needs post op.

Send peace and love and lots of sleepy dust to us tonight. More for you tomorrow…


4 thoughts on “We’re Back

  1. I am sending positive thoughts and prayers and love as always. I hope all the positive vibes from all your family and friends bring you some comfort so you may get a little rest tonight. Hopefully, Joey will be more comfortable and rest more easily so you can get a little sleep. “Peace, love and sleepy dust” sent your way also, as per your request.

  2. Thinking of you! Rebecca–if Malcolm wants to play with Lily tomorrow (Wed) afternoon, call me or Becky-we’ll be here! We could pick him up in car or stroller. lv Elizabeth

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