8 Months

8 Months

What better gift could we ask for than to be home on the 12th? We’ve been in the hospital for the previous two. So, so, so happy to be home.

Joey hasn’t vomited since his last bottle of formula, which he had in Dr. Marx’s office. That bottle ended with the nurse cleaning vomit off of my back, and me trying to get it out of my hair.

He was admitted because he was clinically dehydrated and we wanted to watch his transition to spun, then to skim, breastmilk. The fear was that he hadn’t healed enough to handle the fat in my milk – which I’ve learned is “impressive” (the amount of fat”). It took 2 to 3 spins through the centrifuge to get it out, there is no way for me to do that with such force here – so we wait it out to see how he does. We can only spend so much time inpatient waiting.

So here we are!!! All together, so in love, and knowing that what we have is right now, no matter what is around the corner.


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