Oh, Joey

Oh, Joey

Well, this is something – just the whole thing is so SOMETHING.

Joey has another large effusion on the right side, lots of fluid around his lung, compressing it making it extremely difficult to breathe. He has a tendency to still party when he’s not doing well, not the case now. He was miserable up until about 1 am, settling in now and breathing a tiny but easier.

The issue is that even though he is a bit more comfortable his sats are low, on a significant amount of oxygen he’s satting in the 70s. He was straight up blue when we got to the floor this evening.

This is not typical. Something’s up, it’s going to be tricky to figure out what. He will have a sedated echo once he’s a bit more stable.

Now, can we back up a minute? I need to tell you how amazing you all are. The emails, messages, calls , and visits last week were amazing. That was a big deal to me, the post and response. How can I thank you? I am so humbled by every one of you.

It’s 3:30 am, I’m coming for you sleep!


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