The Plan

The Plan

Today started out rough, and then all of a sudden he settled. So strange. The X-ray showed that he’s not responding to the diuretics as he has in the past. Huh. Weird.

Lots of labs, even tested for RSV, which means that we’re on contact precaution. Meaning: Joey was not allowed out of his room – but it did buy us a private room.

So tomorrow – a sedated echo, then a heart catherization. The cath is a tough one, general anesthesia, intubation, the works.

That’s where we are for now. We did this back in October, remember? I hope they find something that they can remediate. I hope I hope I hope.

p.s. three hours of sleep last night, THREE! I feel a bit batty.


6 thoughts on “The Plan

  1. Holding you guys in my heart. Will be thinking of you tomorrow, as I do each day. You are an amazing warrior mama. Wishing healing rest for you both tonight!

  2. Oh! Praying for sleep for you, and wisdom for the hands, heads, and hearts of the doctors, and strength for everyone. I can’t imagine there are many moments in a day where someone isn’t holding up Joey, or you, or your family. I hope that brings comfort and strength. You are in the middle of a mama marathon. Please take care of you.

  3. You are in our prayers. Praying that God guides the doctors to a cause and a cure and that He gives you the rest, strength and comfort you need to weather this storm.

  4. Rebecca,

    I am sending you healing energy and a big hug. I will do a healing meditation for you and Joey today. I want to teach it to you too. I hope you are able to get more sleep today. Take care of you too.

    Much love,
    Sat Kriya

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