Cath Results

Cath Results

Cath day was long, cath day was hard. It is physically painful to be separated from Joey like that. They call every hour with updates, and I have a huge sigh of relief after each one.

Like always, Dr Marx sat down with me and reviewed the angiograms, the images that are collected during the cath. They are gorgeous. They are moving pictures of dye being injected into his veins that highlight blood flow. I can see Joey’s heart pump, and it is beautiful. What I find breathtaking are the images of his lungs – there is something about those images that literally take my breath away.

What we can also see is any intervention that takes place. Yesterday they both dilated and placed a stent in his left pulmonary artery. Everyone was quite perplexed about a best course of action, the best in the world were in that room. Dr. Marx said “I’m not quite sure who else to talk to”. The thoroughness here is amazing.

So. I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to explain this, and am not quite there. My dear, dear friends Sue and Vicki were here today as I made the fellow draw me more pictures in addition to the ones drawn for me yesterday.

Joey has elevated pressures in his circulatory system, the intervention yesterday will help to lessen them. We need to provide some strong chronic medical care to him until his heart is big enough to take down the Glenn that was done in August and convert him to a bivent.

In a divinely beautiful moment today Joeys surgeon, Dr Baird, walked into his room today. He so clearly and precisely explained all of that, as well as explained WHY we are going down this path instead of a Fontan. AND WE HAVE IT ON VIDEO. <- for some reason that feels huge to me.

As for today, Joey spiked a fever of 102.5, is pretty dehydrated and is still on a considerable amount of oxygen. We will be here for another week or so. Yes, Christmas at Boston Childrens, but so be it. We have our Joey.


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