My mother, have I told you about her?  She spent two nights in the hospital with Joey so that I could spend two nights with my other boys.  I’m pretty sure it kicked her ass, but she did it.  I had a hard time letting go and accepting, but I would so want to give my child what she gave us with that gift.

That meant that I got to wake up to THIS on Christmas morning…

Taken from my pillow. Seriously, LOVE.

That was pretty awesome.  Santa left a present IN BED for Malcolm, Malcolm was thrilled.  And then he saw the stockings.


Yup, pretty great.

The quick walk  to the hospital next door revealed that SANTA CAME TO JOEY’S ROOM!  I wish wish wish I had captured the look on Malcolm’s face – he just moves so dang fast.

Ridiculous. THANK YOU.
Malcolm made the coolest beaded snowflake, which I happened to totally hide in this photo.
Our Christmas tree.
Cards and art from amazing friends.
Another masterpiece.


We have the most incredible friends and family.  From the lasagna to the cards to the cookies to the gifts – you made Christmas that much more, well, CHRISTMAS.  You helped us to make it exciting for Malcolm in a way we couldn’t given the circumstances this year.

Thank you so much for that.  My heart THANKS you.

And in return, Joey was discharged – I was able to wake up with Malcolm, and sleep with Joey in that very same hotel room on Christmas Day.

A tired TIRED boy.

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