11 Months

11 Months

February 12th.  11 months old.  Who knew.

I’m still processing.

This gift we’ve been brought, it’s changed everything.  It is the best thing that has ever happened.  It’s not just the gift of Joey, but the gift of how his story started – how much life death has brought us.

So today, in honor of Joey’s 11 monthday, I’m going to share with you all of his milestones since starting back on a full fat diet this past weekend.

1.  He is clapping.  He keeps his left hand still, and claps with his right.

2.  He is waving, with intention.

3.  He is putting food into his own mouth.

4.  HE ROLLING ACROSS THE LIVING ROOM FLOOR.  He is a wild man.  He sees something and he rolls to it, which also means that he rolls his body up in his oxygen tubing.  So funny, so sweet.

Clinic last week was great.  We saw cardiology, audiology, feeding and nutrition, and had another head ultrasound for neurosurgery.  Cardiology: lab work and chest xray look good, no med changes (he’s still on quite a bit), adding fat back to his diet for the first time in about six months.  Audiology:  Fluid still present in his left ear.  His next visit is in two months, if it’s still there we will need to meet with an ENT doc. Feeding and Nutrition: We basically just celebrated fat.  Talked about how to reintroduce it over the course of three days.  He’s still not nursing, I’m pretty much through our freezer stash – so I’m looking for donor milk and meeting with a nutritionist to discuss making our own formula.  Commercial formula is great, but I want to pump this guy as full of fresh nutrients as possible.  I’m so excited about all of this, I can’t even begin to tell you.

Ah,and the ultrasound – no change.  I’m curious to see if his brain tissue regulates after time with all of this fat, but the likelyhood of getting such a good look as he gets older will lessen.

11 months, crazy. 



One thought on “11 Months

  1. HOORAY JOEY & HAPPY 11 Monthday to you all! So amazing, so wonderful, so inspirational! Much love to you guys…and bug hugs to that lil wild man!! ♡

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