Remembering, Into Loving Hands

Remembering, Into Loving Hands

Sometimes I forget.  I forget what it was like.

The moment we were told Joey wouldn’t live.

Carrying a baby that wouldn’t live.

LOVING that baby, soaking in every moment – believing that’s all we would have.

BIRTHING that baby, wanting so badly to meet him, but not wanting to let go.

Sometimes it seems like a dream, and then I see a photo, have a conversation, or relive a moment that brings it back to life.  The gift of the pain, the gift of the grief, the gift of my heart, the uncovering of my soul, the depth of my love.

Into Loving Hands  A reminder.  A gift.  Throughout filming I knew what a gift it was, to us and to others.  We didn’t know how things were going to unfold.  The progression:

1. A quick portrait piece about our midwife, there would be quick bits of me as her client.

2. Oh, okay.  This seems to be involving into more.  Ah, a piece about a midwife and a family learning their baby has some health issues, and the gift of Down syndrome.

3. Um.  Oh. Way more involved than any of us could have imagined.  A piece about a midwife and a family who have learned that there is no expectation that their baby would live.  The family decides to just love the shit out of this baby for as long as they can, and not terminate the pregnancy.  What the hell does a midwife do when she learns they still want to have this baby at home?  She loves the shit out of the family.

This film is so important.  It shows the strength of love in the depth of despair, and what can come of that.  The capturing of our story is a miracle in of itself.  The whole thing, kismet.  I pray that all of people involved in our story feel my love for them and how important they are.  I can’t wait for you to meet them.

Victoria is raising funds to complete the film, an Indigogo campaign started yesterday.  Please take a minute and look through the site, for $10 you will have your name in the credits.  There are more gifts for higher donations.

Click here for the link to the campaign.  There are 47 days left to raise funds.


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