Universal Truth

Universal Truth

There is something about breath, finding the ability to breathe whatever emotion you hold.  Only by breathing do I get the chance to feel all of this.

Last year we were in Boston.  Last year we spent Thanksgiving in the cafeteria of Boston Children’s Hospital.  We were admitted through the ER on advice of our local pediatrician.  We thought we were dealing with an abscess on his incision – turned out his chest was full of fluid again.

To say that I am grateful is an understatement.  Today, while I breath I can feel the gift of all of this.  Our life is not easy, much of our landscape has changed, but it is full.  This house, this life, it is so full – and none of this would be if anything in our past was different.

Pain is a gift, without it we wouldn’t hurt.

So I happily breathe the pain, and when I let myself feel that pain through my breath, I find joy.  As I breathe the joy, I know that pain is to come again.  But that’s okay, because I know joy is to follow.

That is what I know to be universal truth, it is yours just as much as it is mine.

As we enter the holiday, please allow yourself to cry, scream, throw shit, and then breathe.  See what shifts for you as you feel, bring that crap up, unbury it, love it – like I love you.

Because I do LOVE YOU.

You have been here, 100% for us in the way that you can.  Thank you.  Thank you for loving US the way that you do.


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