About Rebecca

There is so much to say – where in the world would I start?

Maybe by telling you that I have an idea of where you are, how hard life can be.  What it’s like to know something needs to change.

My life has been something else, and I’m only 38.  I could tell you many stories, about life growing up, my first marriage, cancer… none of that matters, other than to say: “I get it”.

The birth of my first child changed all of the ideas I had about life, it exposed the possibility of there being more.  My pregnancy with my second child, well – I still have no words for it.

This is a movie trailer.

A note about my youngest from Children’s Hospital Boston.

An article in a local magazine.

My world was turned upside down, and I learned how to live.  Who I am.  How I love.  And how incredibly resilient the human spirit it.  A mentor of mine likes to say that I experienced about 20 years of evolution in 1.

It’s been amazing, and I want to share it with you.

I spent 3 years studying at the Rhys Thomas Institute and earned my Energy Medicine Practitioner certification.  I am now a teacher’s assistant at his school.

I have a Comprehensive Pilates certification through Power Pilates that I worked my ass of for prior to having my boys.  I love it, and teach in a completely new way now.  The basics are still there, the way I honor the human body is still deep, there is just this crazy new layer now – it’s amazing.

So, CALL ME!!!  There is nothing I love more than connection.  Human relationship can be one of the most healing elements.  If you are interested in living a brave hearted life, in throwing your fears to the side and feeling WHO YOU ARE – I would love to meet you.



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