Healing Work

What is Full Spectrum Healing and how does it work?

That’s the big question.  What the heck is this???

Healing is the resonation between two souls.  Have you ever been in a room, and noticed that the second a particular person walks in everything feels different?  Are there people that you really just love being around?

Working with a practitioner who understands how to resonate with you, how to hold space, their heart, in order for you to feel yours – it changes everything.

Full Spectrum Healing utilizes intention based energy movement within the body to help bring about peace, happiness and healing. Together we clear energetic blockages and with intuitive feedback, I am able to support your return to your original “energetic configuration”.  Essentially, helping you to let go of old patterns of defense, behavior and addiction for long term results. 

Full Spectrum work brings about healing on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. It uses a hand-on-healing or palm-healing technique to find energetic blockages in the body, which are then released bringing about deep relaxation and a reduction of stress. Results can include, a feeling of peace, security and wellbeing as well as relief for many maladies and illnesses from toothache to heartache. This type of energy therapy is also extremely powerful through intentional distance work.

I am able to clearly pin point areas of dis-ease within the body, mind and spirit, and through my understanding of health and the body as well as energy, I bring my clients back into balance holistically.

  • In Person/Distance Sessions: $125, this includes pre-session work, homework, and follow up email.
  • Customizable Onsite/Group Sessions and Workshops
  • Sliding Scale Available, please contact to discuss


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