*CURRENT GROUP CLASSES*  (Please contact me directly for private sessions, it’s just easier)

8 am Sundays @ Super Soul Yoga  All Levels Mat Class (we work HARD)

9 am Advanced Apparatus and 10 am Tower classes on Tuesdays @ Pilates Hudson 

10 am Tower and 11 am Apparatus classes on Fridays @ Pilates Hudson 

9 am Tower, 10:15 am Tower and 11:15 Apparatus classes on Saturdays @ Pilates Hudson 


What drives you?

Do you wish to truly embody LIFE?

Join me in a Pilates session, and I can share with you what it feels like to move with passion, love, and a true sense of empowerment.

Pilates has been an inspiration and natural progression in my search for the ideal movement method for both my body and mind.  What I found in my very first few sessions was the ability to let go, to stop judging myself, and just move.  I lost weight, I found strength, and felt peace.  It has been profound.

I’ve been fortunate enough to train with the best of the best, and hope to bring my experience with the elite to you.  I bring support, compassion, and a whole lot of love for the human body.

How to Get Started

 All it takes is a touch of commitment.  Commitment to yourself, to your body.  If you don’t see a session type, or package, that meets your need – reach out.  What is most important is that we get you moving and reestablishing your relationship with your body.

Your initial consultation will involve a complete health history review, as well as a total body goal assessment.

  • Initial Consultations
  • Private and Semi-Private (2 or 3 people) Lessons
  • Onsite Group Instruction

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